Monday, January 19, 2009

Why a Fern Blog from La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica?

I live in the middle of a magnificent rainforest in Costa Rica, surrounded by an amazing diversity of plants and animals. Although I am a biologist, most of my work these days is administrative.

A couple of years ago, two fern biologist friends (Robbin Moran and Eddie Watkins) got me started on a fern collection to help keep me connected to the forest. This back-yard hobby now encompasses more than 30 genera of native La Selva ferns. I have also started a research project, monitoring the production and longevity of fronds of three different fern species in the forest.

All of you fern experts and enthusiasts in other parts of the world may enjoy seeing these ferns, communicating with me about fern biology, and suggesting topics and video clips for inclusion on this blog.

We have prepared a series of YouTube video segments on various fern-related subjects and we will post one every week.

Deedra McClearn
Director, La Selva Biological Station
Organization for Tropical Studies


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