Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Fern Enthusiasts

Drew and I are going to edit the next ten YouTube fern blog segments early next week. We filmed them in early April during a very dry period at La Selva. The topics to be posted are:
1. update on ferns and the new shade house
2. fern phylogeny (Smith et al 2006)
3. ProNativas (native plants) program (with Orlando)
4. invasive plants at La Selva (with Orlando)
5. landscaping with native ferns: success despite neglect
6. landscaping with native ferns: instant gratification (with La Selva staff and scientists)
7. tree ferns
8. Houseplantaceae: breaking into the horticultural world
9. viviparous ferns (vegetative buds)
10. sources of frond mortality in the field

Stay tuned.


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